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What is it?

Custom SQL is the SQL editor within the data model that allows you to write the query needed to produce the data for Tableau instead of using the Tableau drag-and-drop data model interface.


  1. Power, flexibility and control: Firstly, it places the output in your hands, to build just what you need using the power and flexibility of SQL which, when combined with the correct drivers, allows you to use the full potential of the SQL subset of your database
  2. Highly optimised queries: You can write, test and optimise the query needed to obtain the data, this is in contrast to the data-model where you can neither see nor alter / influence the query that Tableau generates
  3. Parameterised queries: Unique to Custom SQL, you can add further control elements to the query that operate ahead of filters to make changes from filters to query control in order to achieve greater flexibility
  4. Additive calculations: Increase overall performance by pre-materialising additive data in the result-set.
  5. Improved OLAP experience (SQL Server Only)

And now, the long-winded bit...

So lets look at these points in a little more detail: