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  1. Create an empty string parameter, it’s going to be used as a variable so we’ll prefix to ‘v’: vRegion, and set an initial value of West

  2. Create a filter calc fRegion set to the region, we’ll define as boolean as these evaluate the fastest: Region = vRegion

  3. Now create a couple of charts:

    1. First a Choropleth: Longitude to columns, Latitude to rows, Sum(Sales) to colour, State to the label, Region fRegion to the detailfilters selecting True

    2. Next a bar: Region to the columns, Sales to the rows, fRegion onto the colours

  4. Now a dashboard, drag both vizzes to the dashboard

  5. Now is where the magic happens - we’ll set this so the choropleth zooms to the States in a selected region controlled by the bar chart:
    Create a new dashboard action: Dashboard > Actions > Add Action > Change Parameter…

  6. In the dialogue:

    1. Set the bar chart as the source

    2. Run action on select

    3. Target Parameter = vRegion

    4. Field = Region

  7. Press OK