Sales Analysis


To create another Superstore Sales dashboard, though looking at it from a different perspective of Divisions (pg 1) and Regions (pg 2), to also have a front cover that shall act as a landing-page with forwarding capability

Layout / Wireframe

Dashboard to be broken down into two pages: page one looks at the regional performance, but the whole report is for a specific division (Category), page two is a regional analysis, providing the means to compare each of the regions directly

Colours are for a grey background, and cream object boxes


Project Title

Superstore Sales Quarterly Report

Working Title



Headings: Georgia Pro
Body: Garamond
Chart text: Arial

Type (Report / App)

Multi-page App


Any interested party

Publish Location

Publicly Accessible (Tableau Public)

Data Compression Level (Grain)



Dashboard to look at the quarterly performance for Regions & Sales Divisions

Data Source(s)

Superstore Sales

Data refresh times

None: One-off report

Data Connection



Fully interactive

Project Status


Project Start Date


Project Delivery Date


In Scope:





Page 1: Title Page

Title, Introduction and explanations
Total Sales
Sales breakdown by division
Sales breakdown by region
A pop-up information panel

Page 2: Divisional Report

For each region:

Total Sales
Weekly Sales
Cumulative of the weekly sales
YoY position of the latest week
Top 5 & Bottom 5 horizontal bar chart complete with table median to use either product or city
Regional map coloured by performance
A method of identifying customer value or spend analysis

Also required:

a means of switching division without needing to return to the home page
Navigation to the Regional report
And info panel
Download report to either pdf or powerpoint
Maybe consider an export to crosstab here too
Navigate to Home
All actions need to be exclusively tied to the region eg, selecting a top 5 item in East, will only affect East

Page 3: Regional Report

Breakdown by region, so each region can be easily compared, just like Page 2, all actions for a given region, can affect only the charts for that region.

Best to duplicate page 1 (or 2 whichever is built first) for the supplementary functions (info, download etc)

Each region will need:

Regional choropleth
Total sales for the region
Line/area chart of sales including a trend line
Year-over-year at division (category) level
Some means of identifying profit to sales like a profit ratio