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  • Using parameters as filters to control the query based on the parameter selection
  • Create new performant control's such as case statements
  • Dynamically select data based on how users want to cut the report without exposing too much information
  • And to a lessor degree, accessing functions such as bitwise operations

4. Additive ( and semi-additive (Row-level) Calculations

Building on the Paremetrised parameterised querying above, writing SQL enable's analysts to create additional data from calculations. This will be discussed in further detail in the calculations article however, additive calculations such as case orĀ  "if..then..else" logic calculations or, are not ratio calculations will normally be built as a calculation to be executed at run-time which will add to processing time and unnecessary network load, however, by including them in your query, you can materialise the data which can add further benefits in regarding aggregated calculations.