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I really enjoy data investigation, mining, modelling, statistics, and pattern-analysis; surfacing analyses through engaging and interactive visualisation to help others understand and use to develop their own stories and aid their own important decisions.


General data interests include:

  • Data and data analysis

  • Data architecture & engineering

  • Data warehousing, data optimisation (for querying and visualisation) and data transformation

  • Data Visualisation (for business) with any¬†tool

  • Tableau development


As you can see from my site, I am a keen Tableau user, some of my


interests include:

  • Interactive visualisation

  • Really challenging Tableau problems

  • ML

  • Working with OLAP and distributed sources

  • Very large data sources (multi-trillion row tables)

  • High performance dashboards

  • Performance optimisation

  • Jupyter / R-Shiny / QlikSense etc ports

  • Teaching Tableau (particularly to SQL developers)

  • Tableau Forum (See me here)