About Me

Hello, I’m Steve and I’m an experienced data engineer, Tableau expert and Tableau trainer, with analytics, analytical insights, and data engineering skills recognised both by industry, and within the global Tableau community.
I couple my SQL expertise particularly the MS SQL Server stack and AWS stack to provide the complete analytical insights, and business intelligence package. Additionally, in September 2021, I was selected by Tableau to become a Tableau Ambassador, resulting from my service to the Tableau community.

I really enjoy data investigation, mining, modelling, statistics, and pattern-analysis; surfacing analyses through engaging and interactive visualisation to help others understand and use to develop their own stories and aid their own important decisions.


General data interests include:

  • Data and data analysis

  • Data architecture & engineering

  • Data warehousing, data optimisation (for querying and visualisation) and data transformation

  • Data Visualisation (for business) with any tool

  • Tableau development

As you can see from my site, I am a keen Tableau user, some of my interests include:

  • Interactive visualisation

  • Really challenging Tableau problems

  • ML

  • Working with OLAP and distributed sources

  • Very large data sources (multi-trillion row tables)

  • High performance dashboards

  • Performance optimisation

  • Jupyter / R-Shiny / QlikSense etc ports

  • Teaching Tableau (particularly to SQL developers)

  • Tableau Forum (See me here)