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  • Tableau: The following objects expose data and calculations/calculated data to Tableau proper, allowing them to be used as either primary or supplementary data-sources to other projects
    • Packaged workbooks (twbx tde & hyper - v10.5+)
    • Published data-sources
  • Tableau: Export to CSV - Packages all the data and results of materialised calculations as static data and saves as a csv.
  • PowerBI - linked to an Excel workbook
  • Business Objects universe


With an execution plan of:

Without CalculationWith Calculation
Image Modified
Image Modified

Both versions are returning 152 rows but, the additional text in the with calculation mode has inflated each row by and additional 59 bytes or 67% more so the amount of data needed to travel over the network pipe will be 22,192 bytes (21.67 KB) rather than 13,224 (12.9 KB). So, a small piece of of avoidable text has inflated the amount of data travelling over the network by 11KB and this is for just 152 rows of a 9,000 row data-set, scale this up to the millions, billions and in the case of big-data trillions and beyond, and this will really begin to take hold.