Where Can I Find Superstore Sales?

Right here.

These are all localised versions of Superstore Sales released with Tableau v2022.1

And as a special treat, I have also added the localised workbooks created by the Tableau teams ready for you to play with

For future reference, once you have installed Tableau Desktop, you can get all the data sources and the workbooks that Tableau provide as samples right from your own pc.

Navigate to your Tableau install directory, on Windows the default is: Program Files\Tableau
Here you will see every version of Tableau you have installed, if you have not uninstalled the previous version(s).

Select a version, or the only version if you have one then into the ‘help' directory. So, if you are heading to v2022.1 then you’d have navigated to:

C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau 2022.1\help

And from there, you shall see all localised versions of the workbooks, just hop into the locale of choice.

Whilst the Superstore versions are nearly identical, the other localised versions aren't, so you can broaden your knowledge just by looking at some of the other things the Tableau team have put together.

Finally, about that data source, it's not quite as easy to grab, just a couple more steps:

  1. Copy the workbook to another location, your desktop will be a good place.

  2. Next update the workbook extension to a zip by suffixing ".zip" to the end (you'll need to ensure that you can see extensions)

    1. in Windows this means disabling the "Hide extensions for known file types" option in Folder Options. Your file should now read as Superstore.twbx.zip

  3. Open the folder - Windows Explorer can open zip archives

  4. Navigate to the Data directory

  5. And then to the Superstore directory - this is the Relationship hierarchy. Inside, you'll find all the data sources used in the Superstore relational source including your Superstore.xls file.

    1. Just copy this to your desktop and voila! You've now managed get all the localised Superstore sources

Workbooks and Data Sources



Data source



Data source



Brasil / Brazil





中国 / China





Deutschland / Germany





España / Spain










United Kingdom





Italia / Italy





日本 / Japan





日本 / Korea





台湾 / Taiwan





United States



* New for v2022.4: Image Roles *

As the heading suggests, Tableau released v2022.4 on the 14th December which includes the new Roles function, which enables uses to assign a URL as link to an image, rather than need to set objects as shapes. However, Tableau did not ship with an updated version of Superstore to support this.


So here, I am providing an updated version of the European Superstore file which links to my European Flags page (images provided with permission from Freepik)

Usage is as simple as:

  1. connecting to the file

  2. Select either the Countries or Orders page (or relate both, there’s no harm in this)

  3. And then alter the Role Country field to apply a url image role

Additionally, you can create new roles in the data linking to to your own image sources:

Just add a new column into the data that can be easily identified in Tableau, add your url(s), save and then use.