Where to Find the Accelerator (Sample) Workbooks, and Why you Would Want to

Because not every region is created equal.

And with this inequality comes the chance to learn new ideas and techniques.

The accelerator workbooks (Sample Workbooks in pre 2023 versions), you know the ones: that sit in Accelerator Workbooks section at the bottom of the Start Screen.

Changing the language settings, means you get to see a different group of available books, and the first thing you’ll notice is, not every region is the same:

English (UK)
English (US)

So, where are these extra nuggets, and can we get access to all the regional variants?

The great news is that they are installed locally when you install Tableau. Tableau maintains and periodically updates them which is nice to see newer designs and methods; and new copies are installed with each version of Tableau, so you’ll get more should you break something along the way.

Just look for your Tableau install directory, Windows Default is:

C:\Program Files\Tableau\<Tableau Version>\

and then navigate to the help\Workbooks\ folder where you’ll see a folder for each region.

C:\Program Files\Tableau\<Tableau Version>\help\workbooks

From here its as simple as copying the workbook of choice to a new safe location.