25 Years of UK Housing 1996 - 2021

Problem statement

“The UK housing market has seen a lot of turbulence since 1996: successive governments have continually attempted to control the market, for better or for worse”

Taking and enriching publicly available data published monthly by the Land Registry, lets analyse the data and see what we can come up with

Directional Steer

The plan is to try to keep this dashboard short, maybe 5-6 charts on each page to help keep the viewer focussed.

The dashboard needs to be as interactive as possible, with simple theming and an easy to understand navigation solution.

Plan to build an entry page, describing the work in hand, and use this to provide some high-level indices, with 3-4 other pages:

Project Title


Working Title

A 25 Year Analysis of the UK Property Sales Market



Type (Report / App)

Multi-page interdependent app


Any interested party

Publish Location

Publicly Accessible (Tableau Public)

Data Compression Level (Grain)

Unknown / row-level


To provide a focussed analysis of the UK real property market to help users make informed decisions based on the current state of play.
Looking to add an element of forecasting to the tool as well

Data Source(s)

1. (primary) UK Land Registry Price Paid data
2. (enrichment) Office of National Statistics: National Statistics Postcode Lookup

Data refresh times

  1. Monthly

  2. Twice yearly

Data Connection



None at present, possible future enrichment with the UK Police Data


Fully interactive local filter and global parameter driven

Project Status


Project Start Date


Project Delivery Date


In Scope:





Page 1: Summary & Narrative

Introduction and explanations
BAN: Year with the highest numbers of sales
BAN: Year with the lowest numbers of sales
BAN: Average frequency for a home re-sale
Statement: how the sales price has changed in the last 10 years
Statement: How long did it take for the market to return to pre-crash levels
Grouping: Last 12 months of property price rises

High-Level Summary

(This page might not go in)

New build vs Existing, has the proportion changed in 25 years?
How frequently are new-builds sold on on average compared with existing builds
By how much has the average price increased year on year over the last 10 years?

Existing Builds pg(4)

Of the property types, what is the average length of ownership?
What has been the property demand for the different property types?
How stable is the asking price? HAs this seen large and or unwieldly price gains or losses?

New Builds (pg3)
”Lets look at the new build sector”
”There is an overall concern that there is not enough houses to meet demand, lets take a look at sales over the last 5 years, and identify where construction is taking place, and whether the properties could be deemed affordable”

Where are the greatest numbers of developments?
of the property types, what is the average length of ownership?
How has the market changed over the years for property type
Leasehold vs Freehold for all but Flats: Is this really a growing concern
A distribution of sorts eg pareto or histogram
# Sales / £ Sales Heatmap

Regional Analysis (pg2)

What types of housing are we seeing in the different regions?
Which regions see the highest, and which regions see the lowest number of resales?
Which regions have seen the greatest increases in the last 10 years?
What is the volume of property sales and what is the median sales value in areas of high deprivation

Market problems (pg5): 2008 Global Financial Crash & 2020 Covid 19 Pandemic

How long did it take for the market to return to pre-crash levels
Has Covid-19 substantially stunted growth? How has the market altered compared to 2008?
Were there really more sales outside of London compared to inside during 2020-22?

The Future (pg6)

Are we able to make any short to mid term predictions based from this data?
Does outside of London property sales look set to surpass London?
How have outside of London property rates grown in the past 24 months? Is this trend continuing?

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Property sales data: Land Registry February 2022
IMD: Office of National Statistics
Developer: Datawonders: Steve Martin